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This business “Inspired Living With Inez” is created to answer the question, Inez, how can I live my dream life? My answer is,”choose.” Many desire to choose but don’t know how or are afraid. My question is “what will you gain when you choose?”

What I hear you saying is, “Inez, how can I enjoy my life?” Inspired Living With Inez, seeks to offer you ideas, tools, and choices to create your enjoyable life by design.

I am a Masterful Coach, Inspiring Speaker, Engaging Trainer, Author, Scientist, and Teacher.  I use an impressive toolbox of concrete hands-on strategies with a generous sprinkling of metaphysics and a splash of spirituality.  I work with clients helping them free their mind, and nourish their soul creating their life of Choice, Confidence, Courage, and Freedom.

My passion is to help clients create the lifestyle they’ve dreamt about.  Using my proprietary system, clients gain the confidence to peel back the layers, renew their bliss, and live courageously.

I love to travel nationally and internationally working with clients in several countries.  I enjoy meeting people and experiencing different cultures, customs, and cuisines.

My books are Rejuvenate Your Life: 21 Days to Feel Like A Woman Again, and Simple Pleasures.  I am a co-author in the Contagious Optimism Series, Smile America, and Thank Godi Series.

Thank you for visiting Inspired Living with Inez. I hope you’ll find the time you spend here to be richly rewarding.

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