Maintaining your healthy Body, Mind, and Soul requires being mindful of how you use your time. Think of a time when you felt on top of the world and you were in your groove.

Your walk was a strut, your talk was uplifting and your smile lit up the universe! What would you do to recapture that energy? Are you thinking, “is it worth the effort?”

Only you can make that decision and that’s where using your power of choice causes the difference. Choosing to “get your groove back” requires a lifestyle change and work.

Go for it or not, you will still be working.

 Lifestyle change is a work in progress that brings exquisite pain or bliss depending on how you embrace it. In this intentional transformation you will notice how your body responds to food, water, sleep, movement and much more.

Your aim is for lasting change. Choose one small goal that integrates easily into your daily life. Rethink, and reevaluate those goals in which you feel resistance and be okay with tweaking or rejecting them. You can always choose them at a later time.

Maintaining your healthy body, mind, and soul requires paying attention by:


1. Eating well and exercising. Create a food and activity journal. Describe the feeling, taste, texture, smell, of the food and how it supports you lifestyle change. Keep a record of your activity by writing the time of day, the activity, length of activity and how you.

2.  Staying positive and motivated. Read uplifting books, listen to motivational tapes, and create three deep belly laughs daily. Laughter helps to release toxins and heal the body.

3. Developing a morning and evening routine. Doing this eliminates “foggy” thinking and wondering what to do next. Be sure that your night routine allows for thirty minutes of being without your electronics (including watching television).

4.  Spending time with friends and family who are uplifting and enjoyable, in person or virtually. Do something fun!

Taking the BEST care of you by scheduling daily alone time. In this space allow yourself to be. Notice your thoughts, release the ones that are not supporting you on your lifestyle change. Hold close those that are supportive.

Maintaining your healthy body, mind, and soul is easier than you think. Setting your goal, developing an action plan, and following through supports you in achieving success. One of the most important things you can do to ensure continuing with your lifestyle change is to KEEP the promises you make to yourself!

Inez Bracy

Inspired Living With Inez