Are your thoughts, beliefs attitudes and behaviors stopping you from living a healthy lifestyle?  It is possible to be in a ‘holding pattern’ of thinking that no matter what is right in front of you, you can’t see it.  Others see your healthy lifestyle possibility and when you talk to them they discover that every suggestion they share, you reply with “but.”

This “but” way of thinking keeps you from seeing the small changes that lead to living healthy and hinders your performance.  Thinking in this way keeps you stuck to the traditional way of being instead of freeing yourself to live the your healthy lifestyle.

Getting clear on what your lifestyle would be is very important. It’s okay to use a coach to help you see and embrace possibilities. The mind is accustomed to following a certain pattern. A coach can help you do a pattern interrupt to get clear on what a healthy lifestyle means to you.

Journaling, working with a coach and using this helped me to get clear on what my healthy lifestyle would be. Yes, it required making some small and big changes. You might be wondering if it’s worth it. A resounding YES it is.

Here are five Principles that helped me to see and act in ways that support my healthy living.  These principles were there all along; I just didn’t see them nor know how to use them.

Having an understanding coach helped me to self discovery and freed me to live my healthy lifestyle.

These are the principles I used and still use to think healthy, see healthy, and live healthy.  It is soooo much fun!

  1. Act on your intuition, even if you can’t see the practical benefit.

Intuition is your message that you are growing and ready for the next challenge.

  1. Combine all phases of your life. Learn to become playful so that work is play, habits become positive routines and you have support in all things.
  2. Know your strengths. Work towards perfecting your strengths which is a catalyst for sticking to healthy living.
  3. Take the path that curves. Become the person who sees ideas differently and unafraid to take the road less traveled. Prepare your own food!
  4. Create a supportive environment that stimulates you. Allow your environment to evolve in support of who you are and who you are becoming. Create a daily routine that involves moving (dancing, running, walking, cycling).

This photo was chosen because just as you free yourself, it is easy to revert back if you’re not mindful!  Notice the word is written in the sand, with a wave approaching.  Now is the time for you to choose, will your freedom be written in sand or stone?

You can create a healthy lifestyle leading to the freedom you desire by seeing yourself healthy. You must see, taste, and feel it before it becomes your reality.