The Vital Force products work very well in combination with many other protocols and can be added to your practice with confidence.

5-15 drops in 4-8 oz. of water, juice or any liquid, up to 3 times a day or as directed. For more complete information please see our Dosage and General Information. Just click on the underlined link.

No, energy does not influence the body through assimilation in the digestive tract. It has its own unique pathways.

The Vital Force products can be taken by anyone. Dosage may vary for children as they tend to be more sensitive.

You can combine the products in water or any other liquid, however, certain rules apply. See Dosage and General Information.

Generally the products work best if they are taken throughout the day. There are some that should not be taken after 3:00 pm as they have a stimulating effect on the system.

After 6:00 pm it is best to take only the calming formulas.

This is not the best way to take the products. The best way to take them is to add the products to water, juice or any liquid. The better the body is hydrated, the faster the energy works.

They are very effective on animals. Please see Animal Dosage Information. Just click on the underlined link.

For more information on dosage and product use please see our Dosage and General Information. Just click on the underlined link.