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Five Principles To Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

Are your thoughts, beliefs attitudes and behaviors stopping you from living a healthy lifestyle?  It is possible to be in a ‘holding pattern’ of thinking that no matter what is right in front of you, you can’t see it.  Others see your healthy lifestyle possibility and when you talk to them they discover that [...]

Five Tips To Maintain Your Healthy Body, Mind, & Soul

Maintaining your healthy Body, Mind, and Soul requires being mindful of how you use your time. Think of a time when you felt on top of the world and you were in your groove. Your walk was a strut, your talk was uplifting and your smile lit up the universe! What would you do to recapture [...]

Three Tips On the Benefits Of Using Trace Minerals

An essential part of a healthy diet is consuming minerals. A recommended dietary allowance (RDA) amount has been determined for most healthy people stay healthy. People with a disorder may need more or less than this amount. Being mindful of balance is very important when taking minerals because taking too much or too little [...]