An essential part of a healthy diet is consuming minerals. A recommended dietary allowance (RDA) amount has been determined for most healthy people stay healthy. People with a disorder may need more or less than this amount.

Being mindful of balance is very important when taking minerals because taking too much or too little can cause a nutritional imbalance.

Our bodies require different types of minerals in varying amounts to support crucial daily processes and functions. Traditionally, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients were received from the foods we ate because the soil was rich with them.

Today, is different, the soil is depleted of most minerals  and often drenched in pesticides and fertilizers which are often detrimental to your health. Supplements and multivitamins can provide the larger minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium) required for optimal body function.

Trace minerals are often neglected, rarely mentioned, and require smaller amounts. They are essential for hormone, bones and heart health. The trace minerals facilitate hormone regulation, bone metabolism, energy production, immune defense, cardiovascular function and other organs.

Some of the benefits of using trace minerals are:

  1. Acts as a catalyst for vitamins to function optimally within the cells.
  2. Helps to maintain your healthy heart.
  3. Aids in carbohydrate metabolism.

In addition to facilitating system and organ function, trace minerals regulate various biochemical reactions and are essential for hundreds of optimal enzymes function. The body uses electrolytes to help regulate nerve and muscle function and to maintain acid-base balance and water balance. If the electrolyte balance is disturbed, disorders can develop.

Trace minerals assist the body in maintaining healthy cells, tissues, organs, intercellular space and systems. A healthy body inspires a healthy mind and spirit.

Vital Force Technology uses a scientifically proven method to infuse objects with trace minerals that complement the object, and provides a dietary supplement required.

Inez Bracy