Dr. Yury Kronn is widely accepted  as a research scientist, inventor, academician and recipient of five patents. He was educated in the physics of nonlinear vibrations and earned his Post Doctorate degree at Russia’s leading Physics Research Institute. He is recognized for his theories about resonant non-linear interaction of light with matter, and co-authored a university textbook on the subject.

Vital Force Technology (VFT™), uses plasma-based generators to produce subtle energy patterns and is successful in infusing these patterns into “substance-carriers.” Spectroscopy experiments performed at the Garvey Center in Ohio and at Penn State University show that water samples treated with Vital Force Technology™ processes created by Dr. Kronn exhibit unique structures.

Using a gas discharge visualization camera, researchers were able to detect differences in the surface of the water samples. The measurements indicate that the absorption spectrum of the water is affected by VFT™ methods. The effects on de-ionized water were found to be significant and long-lasting.

The camera measured the electrophotonic parameters of liquids under the influence of electrical impulses which generate an electromagnetic field around the surface of the liquid. A drop of liquid is suspended 2-3 mm above the surface of an optical window in the device and the glow from the surface of the liquid is measured and recorded. Different energetic imprints produced distinctly different effects each individualized to the structured water.

Trace Minerals from Vital Force Technology are processed using multiple unique infusion chambers controlled by computerized technology allowing  for large scale applications in the company’s highly controlled lab environment. The actual infusion process is conducted by a team of scientists, other subtle energy experts and is overseen by Dr. Kronn.