Master Brain Formula’s broad spectrum vibrational energy pattern stimulates subtle energy flow. This vibrational energy frequency pattern helps the body organize the the brain and the central nervous system functions, improving the body’s utilization of life force and energy.

As an energetic modulator, Master Brain Formula influences positively psychological issues. This is the first of our “master formulas”. The Master Brain formula powerfully  provides support in the vibrational frequency pattern for the body’s ‘energetic software program.’ The Master Brain Formula has proven to significantly improve brain function in cases where ADHD, ADD, autism, and several reported cases of closed head injuries were an issue.

Master Brain Formula is created using components of Balance, Brain Rejuvenation, Clear Mind, Hypothalamus, and Pineal, as well as the subtle vibrational frequency pattern imprints including neurotransmitters known to work on calming of the brain, mood, and memory.