0.5 oz Trace Minerals.

Emotional balance in times of stress is supported by this Healing Love formula. It helps clear the mind and encourage an overall sense of wellbeing, optimism, and physical lightness. It radiates warmth that flows through the meridians, releasing energy blockages and bringing a way of ease and luxury to the body and mind. Removing energy blockages helps ease physical discomfort as well as soothe frayed nerves and ragged emotions. It is instrumental in bringing emotional issues to the surface and making it easier to handle them once they’re raised. Healing Love is one in all the products targeted predominantly for emotional issues and where they interface with physical problems. Since most illness has an emotional component the Healing Love is very helpful in setting the stage for a more positive outlook because the mechanism of Healing Love is to work with how people see themselves. Embracing the capacity to love oneself goes a long way in aiding the healing process.