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Formulas to Support Individuals During Stress

 To address various aspects of stress and to reduce its negative impact on the human organism, Vital Force Technology (VFT) has developed a set of Energy Tools International (ETI) formulas.

Given the amount of stress commonly experienced by so many people in today’s world, it is no surprise these particular formulas have consistently been so popular with our customers.

VFT research data, as well as testimonials from practitioners and individuals strongly support the efficacy of ETI formulas such as Stress Relief, Balance, Foundation, Adaptogen, Master Brain, Hypothalamus Support, and others for use during periods demanding high energy and resilience

How It Works

The Infusion system developed by Vital Force Technology generates subtle subatomic energy with 100% accuracy.

The proprietary technology and  unique subtle energy infusion system, invented by Dr. Yury Kronn CEO & President of Vital Force Technology (VFT™) makes it possible to generate, record, store and transmit subtle energy patterns which distinguishes this process from other quantum technologies and other industry products. The process is unique and  enhances the products being infused. This advanced technology is housed in the company’s own state of the art facility, staffed by scientists, researchers and other subtle energy experts providing proven, scientifically verified results.

Dr. Kronn’s profound discoveries about the behaviors of subtle energy led to the invention of the first tunable subtle energy generator in the 1980s. VFT™ equipment harnesses subtle energy in a manner that is similar to how electromagnetic energy is controlled and used. Vital Force Technology™ generates subtle energy patterns for specific effects, like enhancing a product’s active ingredients or improving its intended effect on living organisms.

Read more about VFT™ in the research section located HERE.

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